Golden Tiger Casino

The first thing you will discover about the Golden Tiger Casino it has earned the most recognition as a trusted gambling site with millions of players world wide. Replicating a full online casino with instant play and real money bets with a quick download option to access the latest online slots and table games are one of their focus points. Play Now!

Regarding security Golden Tiger offers a state of the art protection playing at their microgaming online casinos backend. You are always going to be in very safe hands if you choose to sign up to casinos that belong to the Casino Rewards Group, for as the operators of over 30 online casinos they know what players always look for and demand from the casinos they sign up to and play at, and they always go that little bit further to ensure their players get a very enjoyable online gaming experience.

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One of the most popular casinos in the Casino Reward Group is the Asia themed Golden Tiger Casino, and we are completely confident you will enjoy playing there, in fact below we have put together one of our informative reviews that will enlighten you are to everything they have to offer players.

There will be a very good chance that you may have come across the Golden Tiger Casino site before for they are a long established casino site that has actually been in business since 2001. Therefore they do have a lot of experience in giving their huge army of players everything they need to have a very enjoyable gaming session whenever those players want to gamble online with a solid reputation as a UK online casino.

You will be able to play at Golden Tiger Casino in two different ways online, for you could choose to download their range of Microgaming designed and supplied casino games directly onto your computer and by doing so you will have over 900 of the very best games on offer to play either for free or as real money games.

However, if you prefer you can choose to access their large range of instant play and high limit slots games all of which are fully compatible with any type of web browser you may prefer using.

One thing that you will certainly be showered with when you do decide to play at Golden Tiger Casino is lot of bonus offers, and the very first one that is available to all player is a no deposit free play bonus, by utilizing that bonus you will have one full hour to win a much money as you can playing with the casinos money which can then be transferred into your account a bonus credits!

Download the Golden Tiger Casino Games

However, if you are looking for a fully rounded and totally configurable gaming experience then it will be worth your while downloading their state of the art downloadable gaming platform and when you do so you will have lots of way of playing the games on offer including being able to play several games all at the same time.

A mobile gaming platform is also available at the Golden Tiger Casino site and as such if you have any mobile device ideally luxury mobile casino with a touch screen feature then you will have no problems playing their mobile casino games of which they have many on your mobile device.

It is the Microgaming supplied gaming platforms and their range of games you will be accessing at Golden Tiger Casino and will therefore be playing certified fair games of every possible game category all of which can be played for low to high stake levels.

Golden Tiger Casino Review

If you have not yet tried out playing at an online casino site that carries the suite of Microgaming designed casino games then you really have been missing out on some of the most fun and entertaining gaming sessions you will ever have online.

One Microgaming software powered casino that has always been one of our top rated casinos since the very first day they launched is the  Golden Tiger Casino, and with that in mind please spend a few minutes looking through this review to find out what they have to offer you as we think you are going to very quickly warm to them!

With an online downloadable gaming platform that comes with well over 850 different types of casino games and an instant play web browser compatible gaming platform that offers over 200 different casino game you really are going to be spoilt for choice no matter at which of their two different gaming platforms you play at.

All of the games by the way have been certified as being random and fair so on any game you do play you could win big at any moment, in fact talking of winning big make sure some of the game you do get stuck into playing are their progressive jackpot awarding games, as the jackpots on offer on them are mega sized ones!

Whilst you will of course find an enormous range of Blackjack games on offer at this casino site you will also find games of every other category, so make sure you check those games out and give them a try when you can do!

Unlike many other casinos that force you to have to play in US Dollars only, you can pick one of several different currencies that will enable you to move money both into and out of your account without having to pay any currency exchange rate fees.

Not only that but they will also let you make deposits in many different ways too and all of the ones I have tried have always been processed instantly and have always showed up in my account in a matter of seconds after they have been approved, which is important to know I feel.

I am always happy to play the slot machines at Golden Tiger Casino, for when compared to the slot machines available at casinos such as those using Real Time Gaming software, I get some much higher payout percentages and more winning spins.

The bonuses that Golden Tiger Casino make available to me are fairly generous ones too and unlike some other casino sites their bonuses do not come with unfair terms and conditions and only ever have a fairly low set of play through requirements too.

If you have been experiencing runs of bad luck when playing slots at some other casino sites then I would encourage you to give the slots at Golden Tiger Casino a try, for you will soon discover just how great playing and also just how very high paying they can be and you will soon grow very fond of playing them time and time again!

Golden Tiger Casino is one of a number of casinos that will always let you pick the currency you have in play on your account when you first sign up and register as a new player, so make sure if you do decide to give them a try you select your home currency.

By doing so you will not then have to make a deposit in another currency other than your own and will not then have to worry about paying any currency exchange rate fees and charges when you both make a withdrawal or any deposit.

Also I have found that they are quite generous when it comes to giving you bonuses and promotional offers, so if you are fond of claiming them then make sure this is one of the casinos you do sign up to as you will never go short of bonuses and promotional deals.

I often use Neteller as the way I move money into and out of most casino sites, and if you are thinking of becoming a new player at Golden Tiger Casino that is going to be one of the many different ways that you can fund your account.

All deposits made using their banking interface are always processed instantly, and unlike many other casinos they will not bar you from claiming any bonuses that you have been offered if you use Neteller either which is always handy to know.

They are also very prompt at paying out my winnings back to my Neteller account and I have never experienced any delays in getting my winning paid back out to me, which I have experienced at some other casino sites online by the way!

If there is one thing that I have learnt about playing at casino sites such as Golden Tiger Casino it is the fact that their Blackjack games are very easy games to play and they do come with excellent graphics too when compared to some other casinos Blackjack games.

You always are in control too of just how much you wager on any hand you play off, for every single one of their multiple different Blackjack game variants offer a range of different staking options which start low in value but can be increased up to some very high amounts of cash.

The games in my opinion do play much better than most other software providers games, and when playing in the real money playing environment as opposed to playing them for free you do also get rewarded with comp points that you can then swap for even more playing credits.

Playing progressive video poker games is what I like to do and whilst there are only two of them available at Golden Tiger Casino I have found they do both offer some high paying pay tables, and of course you can win a progressive jackpot when playing both of them too.

But it is only when you play them for five coin hands that the jackpot part of the pay table will come into effect so if you do decide to play either of those two progressive video poker games then make sure you do play maximum coin hands.

One thing that is a little bit annoying when I only have a small bankroll is that those two progressive video poker games have fixed coin values, so when playing five coins hands you have to play for a stake of 5.00 to have the chance of winning the jackpot so keep that in mind if you do fancy playing ether of them.

When claiming some of the very highest valued bonuses available at Golden Tiger Casino then you may fancy doing what I often do and that is to use the auto play settings each of their games usually have on offer.

You do not have to claim bonuses to be able to use the auto play setting, however when you do make use of that option setting you are then going to be able to set just how many games you wish to play off and also the stakes you wish to have in play.

Unlike some other casinos auto play setting you are going to be able to turn on and off the auto play stetting at any time of your own choosing and do have plenty of other built in option settings on it too so you can tailor your auto play game playing sessions to your own personal preferences!

Golden Tiger Casino is not like most other Microgaming software powered casinos site you can play at, for I have found they are the type of casino that does tend to cater for players who want to lock in and always get the maximum of playing value.

They achieve that by always putting together a range of different bonuses that you can claim throughout each week, so no matter when you do fancy playing any of their huge range of different casino game you are bound to find at least one bonus offer is available to you.

In fact, I have often contacted their casino support team when I fancied playing and have asked them to put together for me a special bonus offer I can claim there and then and they have always been able to put one in place for me!

If there was one main reason I have to give for being a regular and to be honest a very loyal player at Golden Tiger Casino I would probably have to say it is the attention to detail given to players by all of their employees.

For a start their player support team are the best in the business and they will always going that extra mile to ensure you have a very enjoyable time and always get any questions you have answered at any time of the night or day.

The promotions staff and the VIP Hosts are also the very best ones in the business for they do also go that little bit extra to ensure you get the maximum playing rewards when you are a loyal player, so all in all I am a very happy player of that casino and will always stick to paying there as they do give me everything I am looking for and a lot more besides!

If there was one complaint that I could level at Golden Tiger Casino it would be that their gaming suite is way too large! No matter which of their gaming platforms I choose to use I always find hundreds of different types of casino games on offer to me.

So I do tend to have to set aside quite a lot of play time when playing here as I am the type of playing s who does like to swap an change the games I am playing regularly, but that is something that I can always do when playing t this casino site.

I do not always play for real money though, for I often just like to pass some time playing for free and to do so all that I have to do is to log into their casino using the demo mode log in and then I get an unlimited amount of playing credits to test out any of their games I wish to play and can always then play them for as long as I like for free and at no risk what so ever!

One thing that we love doing is receiving feedback on each of our listed and showcased casino sites, and please do feel free to email us and give us your feedback if you have played recently at  Golden Tiger Casino, below are some of the comments and feedback from many of our website visitors who have played at this licensed and regulated casino site.

Golden Tiger Casino Low House Edges

Having made the switch over to playing Microgaming designed games I found them to be much more affordable games to play as I usually only play RTG games online. Being a blackjack player I am also impressed with the number and variety of blackjack games on offer with there being both single hand and multi-hand variants of all games on offer.

The house edges seem to be much better and much lower at  Golden Tiger too which means for once I am getting what I feel is true value from my bankroll rather than watching it vanish quickly!

Lots of Instant Play Games at Golden Tiger

I didn’t know that  Golden Tiger Casino offers both a downloadable and instant play gaming platform, until I visited their website, and one thing that does make a difference when you play via their instant play platform is that unlike many other casinos out there you will find lots of different games on offer.

The main reason I usually avoided playing at a no download site is that there are usually just a small number of different categories of casino games on offer at such sites, but that is certainly not the case at  Golden Tiger Casino!

Generous Golden Tiger Bonus Offers

One aspect of playing at  Golden Tiger that has made them my number one casino site is that they always email me lots of promotional offers each month, and those bonuses are easy to claim and are awarded to you as soon as you have claimed them.

Unlike some other Microgaming powered casino sites they offer fair terms and conditions and as soon as you make the bonus play through requirements you can then go on to make a withdrawal without any fuss!

Fast Payments of Winnings

I have lost track of the number of different online casino sites that I have played at over the years, and one of the reasons why I do not hang around playing at most casino sites that often or for very long is that some of them take an absolute age to payout your winnings, and that annoys me!

However, what keeps me playing at  Golden Tiger Casino is that they offer me fast winning payouts and I have never experienced any type of delay when playing there, and they also let me withdraw my winnings directly to my bank account as I do not like using web wallets, and with that in mind I am more than happy to continue playing there and am more than happy to give them positive feedback too.

We always invite feedback from anyone who has visited our website and has chosen to play at any of the casino sites we featured through our website, and with that in mind here are some recently received reviews from real money players of the Golden Tiger Casino site.

The one thing that has me playing at Golden Tiger Casino more often than any other online casino site is that they are always emailing me out lots of different bonus offers and letting me know of their weekly bonuses and promotional deals too.

I usually claim one or two of those offers each week and have found by doing so I do tend to get much longer gaming sessions and the bonuses on offer at Golden Tiger Casino do come with some very reasonable and very fair terms and conditions too so each of them are always worth checking out and then claiming.

I am often forced to have to place some very high valued bets and wagers onto the table games when playing at some online casino sites and that often means I do not get much play time from those games at certain sites if I have a small run of bad luck.

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However, you can find lots of different low stake table games always on offer at Golden Tiger Casino and that means I and you will too have plenty of wagering opportunities and can play those games for any stake level you can conformably afford to play them all for.

There is lots of different roulette games available at Golden Tiger Casino but make sure that you take a look at their graphically enhanced range of either Gold Series roulette games or their brand new Premier Roulette games.

I tend to stick to playing bets on the even money paying betting opportunities and if you do place those bets often then their French Roulette game is the one you should be playing as it comes with a very low house edge which is just 1.35%!

Video Poker games are available in very large numbers at Golden Tiger Casino and as such if those are the type of game you enjoy playing then you will not only have lots of them available to you but you will also notice the pay tables on all of them have been set very high.

I am sure that the highest paying video poker game at Golden Tiger Casino with the best paying pay table is their All Aces video poker game variant, so make sure you check that game out!

I have to say that I was very impressed when I started to play at Golden Tiger Casino for I enjoy playing video slot games and they sure do have lots of different types of those slot machines on offer, and the stake levels one each of them can be adjusted to so you can play them for any stake and coin value you want to play them for.

However, I also like swapping an changing the video slots I do play so if you like doing that also you will not fail to be impressed by just who many slots they do have available to all players.

One thing that I would like to point out to anyone who is thinking of playing any of the real money games available at Golden Tiger Casino is that they are a very fast paying site and as such you will never have to wait for ages to get paid which you will have to do when playing at most other casinos.

Just make sure that you send them some of your identification documents and proof of address before you make a withdrawal as when your account is fully verified then they will always pay you out quickly and on time.

I have several different computers that I use to play casino games at Golden Tiger Casino and as such I much prefer using the instant play gaming platform that they have on offer as it means I do not have to download their games onto each computer I use to access their range of games.

There are hundreds of different games on that platform so I do not feel I am having to make any comprises in regards to the variety of games I can access when using that gaming platform.

Golden Tiger Online Casino Promotions

You will always find your money goes much further as a player at  Golden Tiger Casino, however to take advantage of their new player sign up bonus you will not even need to make a deposit as they have put together one of the most generous bonus offers we have seen in a long time.

When you register as a new player which will take around a minute or so, you will then simply need to log into your account and in the lobby of the casino you will find that you can then opt in for their no deposit one hour free play promotional offer.

When you put into that promotion you will then be awarded with 500.00 in no deposit required credits, and will have up to one hour to try and amass as much in winnings over that 500.00 as you can do, and y doing so you will then be able to keep the winnings as bonus credits.

You will be required to make a small deposit into your  Golden Tiger Casino account to have your winnings processed and added to your casino account as bonus credits, and with that in mind please visit their website and have a good look through the terms and conditions attached to this new player sign up offer, as it really is going to give you the maximum chances of winning thanks to their fairness of those terms and conditions!

Let us now move onto letting you know what unique benefits and features will be available to you when you do start playing at Golden Tiger Casino, all of the best aspects of this casino site are listed below so read on and then make up your own mind as to whether they are going to become one of your favorite casinos which we think they are going to become!

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Golden Tiger Casino No Deposit Bonus

You are going to be given 1500.00 in bonus credits when you sign up to the Golden Tiger Casino, and with those credits you will have one hour to use them on any of their casino games, with the aim of ending your initial casino game playing session with the zodiac casino canada own money with more than that 1500.00 in your account.

If you manage to do so then a certain amount of your winnings will be transferred into your casino account when you then make your initial deposit, please check out their website for the terms and conditions of this bonus as it is one of the most generous ones we have seen for quite a while!

Over 800 Casino Games – It is going to be something of an overwhelming experience when you first log into your newly opened Golden Tiger Casino account, for you are going to then be presented with a huge range of different casino game categories.

In fact, within those casino game categories there are going to be hundreds of different casino games, so whether you like playing slots or video poker machines, card or table games or any of the unique casino games you will always be able to find exactly the type of casino games to play at this top rated casino site!

Multiple Banking Options – One aspect of playing at many online casinos is that you may find you only have a limited number of options in regards to how you can fund your casino account and also only a small number of ways that you can withdraw your winnings from your casino account.

However, when you launch the banking interface at Golden Tiger Casino you will find a very large range of different banking options will become available to you and when you set up your casino account you will be able to pick the currency that you will be depositing, playing and withdrawing your winnings in as this casino site is a multi-currency casino!

Huge Paying Progressive Games – When you are feeling lucky then make sure you do log into the Golden Tiger Casino for when you do you are going to have a very impressive and very large range of different progressive games that you are going to be able to play.

Another benefit of playing progressive games at Golden Tiger Casino is that if you do win one of their large number of jackpots then you are going to get paid all of those winnings in one single payout.

Fast Winning Payouts Guaranteed - You are never going to have to wait for very long to get paid all of your winnings as a player at Golden Tiger Casino, they have an in-house team of cashiers and therefore all winning payouts are processed quickly as they are requested and all payouts are guaranteed to be in your possession within the time scales that are displayed on their website.

Excellent Loyalty Scheme – One final reason why we would suggest that you sign up to Golden Tiger Casino as a real money player is that you are always going to be showered with lots of little extras.

Not only will they give you access to lots of ongoing bonus offers but when playing their games for any stakes comp points are awarded to you and with those comp points you are going to be able to swap them from casino credits whenever you like based on just how many points you have managed to earn!